Introducing the Homeland Heroes Salute Podcast!

Listen as host Alyssa Clarke-Cartwright talks with Julie Weymouth, co-founder of the Homeland Heroes Foundation about the beginning of the organization, stories about veterans in need of assistance, and the new podcast in collaboration with Derry Community Access Media. To learn more about the Homeland Heroes Foundation, please visit To learn more about Derry Community Access Media, please visit

The Homeland Heroes Foundation is proud to announce the Homeland Heroes Salute, a podcast dedicated to sharing stories of veterans, their families, and those whose lives are devoted to helping service members. Each story we bring you will dive into the good, bad, and sometimes ugly truths that these brave men and women endured. In order to bring greater awareness to the triumphs and struggles they've faced and continue to face, they must talk, and we must listen. Just because they are home doesn't mean it's over. The impact of their stories is their most important mission. Learn more about the Homeland Heroes Foundation at Learn more about Derry Community Access Media, please visit
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